“Poverty is the worst form of violence” Mahatma Gandhi

The Charitable Foundation (TCF) is an Australian Private Ancillary Fund dedicated to help eradicate poverty and conflict through humanitarian relief, development assistance and the pursuit of peace.

Over the last 15 years TCF has partnered with a diverse group of Australian and overseas non-governmental organizations to deliver a broad range of timely, practical, sustainable and cost-efficient projects. We are pleased by the substantial difference that TCF has been able to make for 2.8 million poor in Africa and South East Asia and hope that we will reach many more in the years to come.

The Charitable Foundation is a family foundation established by Steve Killelea following a successful global high tech business career. Through the family’s travels, they witnessed the struggles of the world’s poor and dedicated TCF to substantially help as many people as possible from among the poorest of the poor.

Based on the experience of working in some of the more violent countries in the world, it became evident that peace was the key facilitating factor underpinning development and the Killelea family has since 2005 been actively seeking ways to promote peace. Results of these efforts include the development of the Global Peace Index, the world’s leading measure of peacefulness and the expanding body of research conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace to promote an understanding of the social economic and political factors that drive Peace.

TCF addresses poverty globally through Peace, Research and Reconciliation Projects and Emergency Relief, and overseas development projects mainly in Eastern Africa and South East Asia.